It might remind you of your school years but Terrazzo is back!

Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass poured with cement. After it is cured it is ground and polished smooth to produce a uniformly textured surface. (source: wikipedia)

Super hard and easy to clean makes it perfect for a family home!

It can be use in kitchen and bathroom:

Photo: Tom Blachford Design: FIGR.


Photo: Sorin Morar Design: IFUB

Colours can be neutral of super colorful:

Photo: Peter Krasilnikoff Design: Studio David Thulstrup


Photo: Miguel de Guzman Design: Divisare

Being so popular, a lot of products were inspired by it…


Source: Carly Jo Morgan


Source: Toulemonde Bochart


Source: 5mmPaper


Source: Papermint