Here’s a few ideas to help you create a beautiful Fall table using our “Perfect Table Starting Set”. I’m showing you an adults and a kids option! There’s even a shopping list!

Remember the Perfect Table Starting Set from Valentine’s Day and Easter? I’ve transformed it for Fall using unexpensive and easy to find items!



Shopping list – Adult’s table:

  • Pumpkins in different shapes and colors – approximately 9$ (Michka)
  • Greenery – approximately 3$ (Michka)
  • Pine cones – free! (Mother Nature)
  • Brown string – 2$ (Dollorama)

It could’nt be simpler: just spread the greenry in the table center and top it with the different pumpkins!


A little piece of string will give a rustic look to your table.

And for the little ones!

Shopping list – Kid’s Table:

  • Pumpkins in different shapes and colors – approximately 3$ (Michka)
  • Greenery – approximately 1$ (Michka)
  • Dead leaves – free! (Mother Nature)
  • Pine cones – free! (Mother Nature)
  • White paint – 2$ (Dollorama)
  • Kraft paper – 2,89$ (Rona) that you will use in 1000 other projects!

Here, kraft paper is used as a table cloath. Ask the kids to help you by stamping the dead leaves with white paint on the kraft paper.

A little bit of greenery and pumpkins, the like the adults!


But don’t throw away the pumkins! We will reuse them in our Halloween table!